Arteast General Meeting and Grow with Art/L’art en herb - Call for Art Promenade Arteast - AOE Announcements

1. Arteast General Meeting and Grow with Art/L’art en herb

When: Tuesday October 24, 2017-le mardi,24 octobre
Where: Room/salle 340 , 255 Centrum Blvd. Orleans
Time: Meet and Greet/ Réunion 7:00 to 7:30
7:30 Presentation- Présentation
Presenter: Jessie Parker
Topic: “Frontiers of Photography: Adventures in Photo-based Art”
Cost: Free

Jessie will present an illustrated talk on Photo- based Art. Are you curious about painting with a computer?

Tracing her exploration of photography as an art medium, from earlier traditional styles and uses to her current avante garde styles and discoveries, Jessie Parker will regale us with her adventures along the way with this fascinating digital medium. She will also show the very different artistic journey in some of her husband Bob Arnold’s photo-based art. Two very different journeys with the same tools.

This talk will be of interest to professional photo-based artists, traditional photographers, and amateur snapshot enthusiasts.

The presentation will be in English.

For further information: Mary Ann Varley, 613-745-2996, varleymaryann1@bell.net

2. Call for Art Promenade Arteast

"Members Show”
Exhibition dates- Nov 23, 2017 - Feb 6, 2018
Coming up in November 2017 is the next unjuried Promenade Arteast exhibition.
One artwork per member may be submitted.
(One piece up to a width of 38 inches x 72 inches tall including frame or one three dimensional work:- size limit-12” x 12” x 36” h)
Members who wish to participate are requested to fill out an application form
http://www.arteastottawa.com/forms/Promenade Application 2013efd.doc
with all the details of the artwork they wish to submit and send it to
promenade@arteastottawa.com .

Application deadline- Oct 22nd
There is no theme for this show.

If a large selection of work is submitted the applicants will be added to the list for subsequent shows providing applications are received by the posted deadline. Members will be informed if they are accepted in the posted exhibition or a subsequent show.

(Drop off day for selected artwork is the day before the exhibition starts 10am – 11am)
Exhibitors must bring the completed, signed form with their work on changeover day.
Entrants must be members or will become members of Arteast. There is a $5 hanging fee.

For information contact:
Maureen Rooney Mitchell

3. AOE Announcements


Chefs Under the Big Top at ARTINIS 2017 Sous le grand chapiteau


October: Neighbourhood Arts 150 | Octobre : l'Art des quartiers

An invitation to the CPAMO Ottawa gathering 2017

A beautiful day to tell you…

4. Sponsors’ Announcements


The right strokes at the right prices.


Arteast Open Studio Time (Studio-Libre) - AOE Announcements - Sponsors’ Announcements

1. Arteast Open Studio Time (Studio-Libre)
Next open studio is on October 12, 2017
Open Studio days are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
At St-Laurent Complex Centre, Visual Arts Studio
525 Côté Street ,Ottawa, ON, K1K 0Z8.
Open Studio Time provides opportunity for members to meet and work on their artworks in a casual setting.
Fee is $5.00/ per studio day. (Bring a lunch/mug for tea)
For more info: see forms: Open Studio: http://arteastottawa.com/forms.php
Contact: c_feasey@hotmail.com or dorothyaz123@gmail.com

2. AOE Announcements

Next Coffee Talk |Prochain café causerie

Get on the map - Free event Oct 18 |Mettez votre nom sur la carte - session gratuite le 18

CORRECTION : 2017-18 ARTicipate Season | La saison 2017-18 ARTicipez

3. Sponsors’ Announcements

Custom framing: we display - 20 %

UP TO 20% OFF on workshop friends

Découvrez un projet déco au charme naturel


Arteast Call for Art: Holiday Mix - Arteast Community events needs Volunteers for BazArt - Circular & Colours Media Release - Judy Hollinger - Exhibition of Paintings - Members’ Announcements - AOE Announcements - Sponsors’ Announcements

1. Arteast Call for Art: Holiday Mix

Dear Arteast Members,

Call for art for the “Holiday Mix” exhibition at the St Laurent Complex Gallery, you need to have your pre-registration sent in via email to josiedemeo@bell.net by no later thanTuesday, November 7,2017

And please note you’re allowed to register up to 2 art piece for the Holiday Mix and each piece max size cannot exceed 12” x 12” (this includes with frame). The form is on the Web site just follow the link: http://www.arteastottawa.com/forms.php

and click on “Holiday Mix Exhibition / Exposition Couleurs des fêtes”. As you send in your pre-registration, please include a picture of your piece(s) so we can add them to the invitation for the exhibition.

Please note that we need all hands on deck to make this exhibition as successful as previous years, any time you can volunteer to help is highly appreciated. So please include your volunteer preference on the registration form and email.

If you have any questions regarding the Holiday Mix exhibition, please contact Josie De Meo either by email at josiedemeo@bell.net or by phone at 613-590-7627

Happy Painting and we look forward to seeing your work for the Holiday Mix exhibition.

2. Arteast Community events needs Volunteers for BazArt

Hello fellow members,

We are looking for members to participate at BazArt (Holiday art event) at the Shenkman Art Center. We are looking for members to demonstrate their artistic talents for 1 hour or more. BazArt is during the weekend of, Saturday, November 25th 11am to 5pm and Sunday, November 26th from 11am to 5pm.
Please email me or contact me at 613-590-7627 before Friday, November 6th. You will also be able to display one small artwork, being we have limited space 11 x 14 is the maximum size.

Thank you and have a wonderful week
Josie De Meo , josiedemeo@bell.net

Bonjours a tous,

Nous sommes à la recherche parmi nos membres, des volontaires pour nos aider l’ors de BazArt (événement artistique des fêtes) au Centre des Arts Shenkman. Nous recherchons des artistes pour 1 heure ou plus, afin de présenter leurs talents artistiques via une démonstration.
Cet évènement se passe durant la fin semaine, samedi, le 25 novembre de 11h à 17h ainsi que dimanche, le 26 novembre de 11h à 17h.
Si vous été intéressé veuillez m’envoyer un courriel ou me téléphone au 613-590-7627 avant vendredi le 6 novembre. Vous avez aussi la possibilité d’apporter une de vos création, étant donner l’espace limite la gradeur maximale sera de 11 x 14.

Merci et bonne semaine à tous
Josie De Meo , josiedemeo@bell.net

3. Circular & Colours Media Release

Who: Sissi Meng and Egle Post
What: Circular (Meng) and Colours (Post)
When: Sept. 30 – Nov 25,2017
Where: Blackburn Hamlet Library
Why: to promote local artists within the community
Fee: Free.
Contact: Art Coordinator Jessie Parker Jessie@photobasedart.com

The Blackburn Library in conjunction with Arteast is proud to present an exhibition of “Circul;ar and Colours” by Sissi Meng and Egle Post.

Meng’s current collection “Circular” combines different animals and plants together. It symbolizes harmony things in nature have with one another and how they complete each other’s ecosystem and spaces.Post’s paintings reflect nature-based themes, such as landscapes, animals and flora. The main inspirations for her work are nature, travelling and a mixture of rock and raw acoustic music.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support local artists in their community as well as engaging with the Blackburn Library.

Location: Blackburn Hamlet Library branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 199 Glenpark Dr. Ottawa K1B 5B8.
Hours: Mon. through Thurs. 10 – 8:30. Friday 1 – 6:00 and Sat. 10 – 5. Closed Sunday.

4. Judy Hollinger - Exhibition of Paintings

St-Laurent Library, in conjunction with Arteast, is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by Perth artist Judy Hollinger. This solo show is titled Back and Forth and runs from September 29 to January 5, 2018.

In her art practice, Judy is drawn to the exploration of opposites - light versus dark, warm versus cool, complementary versus similar colours, defined lines versus lost edges. She works between order and chaos, abstraction and realism. Her current collection, Back and Forth, reflects this. Close ups of flowers and plants allow her to use realism in the foreground with elements of abstraction in the background. Judy works primarily in acrylics.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support artists in their local community as well as the St-Laurent Library.

Location: St-Laurent branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 515 Côté Street , Ottawa K1K 0Z8
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 - 8:30, Friday: 1:00 - 6:00, Saturday: 10:00- 5:00, Sunday: closed

5. Members’ Announcements

Arteast member Kerstin Peters offers the following courses at
Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex, 1490 Youville Dr, Orléans, ON K1C 2X8

Cartooning and Comics for Children (6 – 12 years old)
Sunday, 1pm to 2:30pm, October 15 – November 5, 2017, $83, 1114777

Acrylic Landscape Painting – Adults
Monday, 6pm to 7:30pm, October 16 – November 6, 2017, $67. 1114789

You can register online at http://join.ottawa.ca/fac/26/all/ or at any City of Ottawa recreation facility.

Kerstin is also looking for a second student for her semi-private "Introduction to Colour Mixing and Painting Techniques" course.

Course details:
10 week course, Wednesdays from 7:30pm to 8:30pm
at 1270 Kinsella Drive, Cumberland
$200/person for semiprivate instruction, material fee of approximately $50/person
Start as soon as possible.

You will get an introduction to watercolour, oil and acrylic painting, so that you can find out which medium suits you best. Please email me for more information and to register to kpeters@domingoinformatics.ca.

6. AOE Announcements


Get on the map - Free event Oct 18 |Mettez votre nom sur la carte - session gratuite le 18

CNAL Conference Oct 18-20 special price| La conférence du RCAA le 18 au 20 oct - prix spécial

2017-18 ARTicipate Season | La saison 2017-18 ARTicipez

SELECTIONS 2017 Awards |Les gagnants de SELECTIONS 2017

7. Sponsors’ Announcements


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Bon moment pour faire le plein de peinture.


Arteast Awards Winners 2016 / Gagnants de prix 2016 - Arteast Open Studio Time (Studio-Libre) -Members’ Announcements - Community Galleries 2018-2019 Exhibition Submission Info - Appel aux artistes - MIFO - The Fall Break-a-Brush! Painting Workshop Program- AOE Announcements - Sponsors’ Announcements

1. Arteast Awards Winners 2016 - Gagnants de prix 2016
The public is invited to an opening reception for ARTEAST Awards Winners 2016 - Gagnants de prix 2016, the latest show to be presented by ARTEAST. The reception will take place on Sunday, October 1st, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the ground floor of the Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Orleans.

The works of art in this exhibition will present 17 works of the award winners from the 35th edition of the Arteast Juried Awards Exhibition which was held at the St. Laurent Complex in 2016. It will showcase the varied media that Arteast members employ and are representative of the high quality of work produced by its membership. This exhibition will also offer another opportunity for the public to view Arteast’s Canada 150 project – the giant maple leaf mosaic which captures Canada’s natural diversity.

Arteast a le plaisir de présenter les travaux des membres d’Arteast gagnants de Prix 2016 dans une exposition à la Promenade Arteast du Centre des Arts Shenkman à Orléans.

Le public est invité au vernissage de l’exposition Arteast « Awards Winners 2016 - Gagnants de Prix 2016 », par les membres d’Arteast. La réception aura lieu le dimanche 1er octobre 2017, de 13h à 15h, niveau 1 au Centre des Arts Shenkman, 245 boul. Centrum à Orléans.

17 artistes, récipiendaires de prix gagnés lors de la 35ème édition de l’exposition par jury pour prix d’Arteast en 2016, présenteront leurs œuvres. Celles-ci englobent plusieurs médiums et styles différents, représentatifs de la grande qualité des travaux produits par les membres d’Arteast. De plus il sera encore possible d’admirer la grande feuille d’érable, mosaïque inspirée du logo « Ottawa 150ème »!

2. Arteast Open Studio Time (Studio-Libre)

Next open studio is on September 28, 2017

Open Studio days are the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
At St-Laurent Complex Centre, Visual Arts Studio 525 Côté Street ,Ottawa, ON, K1K 0Z8.
Open Studio Time provides opportunity for members to meet and work on their artworks in a casual setting.
Fee is $5.00/ per studio day. (Bring a lunch/mug for tea)
For more info: see forms: Open Studio: http://arteastottawa.com/forms.php
Contact: c_feasey@hotmail.com or dorothyaz123@gmail.com

3. Members’ Announcements

Tax Issues for Artists
Seminar for Professional Visual Artists
By Jessie Parker, Artist, author

Jessie will be presenting on the most important issues for artists when it comes to taxes. This presentation will draw from info in her books on the subject.

New Time and Place:
Saturday, October 14, 1pm to 4pm
Gloucester South Seniors Centre at 4550 Bank St at Leitrim Rd, Gloucester
Lots of parking available, wheelchair accessible, transit bus 93 (Leitrim)
Cost $60 includes tax and a copy of her book. Contact her at Jessie@photobasedart.com

4. Community Galleries 2018-2019 Exhibition Submission Info
Submission information for the City of Ottawa’s Community Galleries 2018-2019 exhibition season is now available online here: http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/arts-heritage-and-culture/calls-and-opportunities-culture#community-galleries-selection-2017.

The deadline for applications is October 6.

Les informations de soumission pour la saison d’exposition 2018-2019 des galeries communautaires de la Ville d'Ottawa sont maintenant disponibles en ligne ici : http://ottawa.ca/fr/residents/les-arts-la-culture-et-le-patrimoine/soumissions-et-occasions-dans-le-domaine-de-la#selection-pour-les-galeries-dart-communautaires.

La date limite pour les demandes est le 6 octobre. 

5. Appel aux artistes - MIFO

La Galerie d’art Eugène-Racette du Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans (MIFO) lance un appel ouvert aux artistes visuels francophones de la région de la capitale nationale (professionnels et semi-professionnels) pour des soumissions d’expositions pour la saison artistique 2018-2019.

1er décembre 2017

Peinture, dessin, collage, photographie, sculpture, textiles.
Pour tout autre médium, contactez-nous pour confirmer son admissibilité.

§ Votre déclaration d’artiste (maximum 250 mots; une seule déclaration dans le cas de soumissions de groupes).
§ Votre biographie (maximum 150 mots; pour les soumissions de groupes, une biographie est requise pour chaque artiste).
§ Votre curriculum vitae (pour les soumissions de groupes, le CV est requis pour chaque artiste).
§ Votre soumission doit être en format PDF.
§ Vos matériels de support :
§ De 6 à 10 images haute résolution de vos œuvres en format JPEG;
§ Inclure la liste de vos images avec les titres, les médiums, les dimensions et les prix (sans taxes) des œuvres;
§ À noter : les courriels de plus de 12MB ne seront pas considérés.

Les soumissions seront analysées par un comité de sélection. Les décisions du comité sont finales et sans appel. La Galerie d’art Eugène-Racette se réserve aussi le droit de refuser certaines œuvres si elle juge qu’elles sont choquantes ou inappropriées pour un jeune public.

Veuillez acheminer vos soumissions par courriel à galerie@mifo.ca. Seules les soumissions par courriel seront acceptées.

6. The Fall Break-a-Brush! Painting Workshop Program

This Fall, we're looking forward to hosting another exciting workshop series: during 6 workshops, we profile three impressionist painters that changed the course of art and also cover key painting subjects!

1. Saturday, 30 Sept 2017: Autumn's Garland.
2. Saturday, 14 Oct 2017: Édouard Manet and modern life.
3. Saturday, 28 Oct 2017: Through Thick and Thin – Washes, Glazes and Impasto!
4. Saturday, 4 Nov 2017: Paul Cézanne: A new way of seeing. 
5. Saturday, 25 Nov 2017: Expressive portraits and the Clothed Figure.
6. Saturday, 02 Dec 2017: Claude Monet and the colour of light.

All Workshops are from 09:30 am to 04:30 pm at Rothwell United Church, 42 Sumac Street, Ottawa, K1J 6P7. $95.00 per session or $75.00 each for bookings of 4 or more sessions. Additional details are found on our website: http://davidkearn.com/courses_e.htm.

These workshops appeal to a wide range of skill levels: from relative beginners to practiced artists wanting to pursue a new style. Together we will dispel myths and develop sound practices, creativity and expression! France and I would like to invite you to join us for an exciting Fall workshop program.

Reserve by email to france@davidkearn.com
or via Paypal: http://davidkearn.com/courses_e_paypal.htm
A memorable season of painting awaits!


7. AOE Announcements
Call to AOE Arts Council visual artists: Canadian Tulip Festival Demo | Appel aux artistes : Démonstration au Festival canadien des tulipes

REMINDER: AOE Gallery Call to Artists | RAPPEL: Appel aux artistes pour la Galerie AOE

Special member price ARTinis Early Bird extended Sept 29 | Prix spécial ARTinis pour membres jusqu'au 29 septembre

CNAL Conference Oct 18-20 special price| La conférence du RCAA le 18 au 20 oct - prix spécial

Invitation to SELECTIONS Exhibition Thurs Sept 21 |Invitation à l'exposition-concours SELECTIONS le jeudi 21 sept

8. Sponsors’ Announcements